Pre-Order Policy

Placing a pre-order for an item is the best way to insure that you will receive an item that sells out fast and becomes hard to find.

By placing a pre-order with Tilman's Toys, you will be assured of receiving that item, and you will also have priority over everyone else when that item arrives into our store.

With pre-orders, you will have the option of placing a small, NON-REFUNDABLE deposit, or if you like, you may pay for the item in full. If you choose to put a deposit down on a preorder, you will be charged a small amount at the time of the order, with the balance due once the item comes in stock. You will be notified by email, with an invoice with your outstanding balance due. If you do not respond to emails with your invoice, after two weeks from the time the pre-ordered item arrives, the order will be cancelled. Once paid, the item will be shipped.

It is HIGHLY recommended that you place pre-orders separate from in stock items. In stock items will not be shipped until your pre-ordered items are in stock.

Paid in full pre-orders may be cancelled, with a 10% cancellation fee.

Release dates for pre-orders are estimates only from the manufacturer. Release dates can change without notice.